Cast Resin Transformers

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Cast Resin Transformers  reliable for indoor installations which require extreme Safety Standards. Low and High Voltage windings built in Aluminium and embedded in resin class F

General features

they are manufactured in powers from 350 to 2500 kVA and primary tensions of 13.2, 15, 25, 33 and 35 kV. They are also manufactured in other primary tensions in accordance with customers’s particular specifications. They are provided in frequencies of 50 – 60 Hz.

Manufacturing standards

They are manufactured and tested according to IRAM  and IEC 726/76 regulations.


They are specially designed to work in closed places; their insulation completely impregnated with a high-temperature resistant “class F” varnish allows their installation in very humid places. Their design is small and they are manufactured with insulating self-extinguishable materials using 40 % less insulators than the encapsulated. This feature assures a lower gas emission than the other alternative.

Thanks to their excellent thermal behaviour, they are specially recommended for closed places and very high both mechanical and thermal stresses.

General features

They are produced in voltages 6/ 13/ 15/ 25 Kvolt.

Manufacturing standards

They are manufactured and tested according to IRAM 2276 and ANSI C57.12.01 regulations.

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