In order to provide our customers with the best and most reliable solutions and taking advantage of our vast technical knowledge and experience in transformers (since 1945), Vasile & Cía. S.A.C.I. has developed the Customer Service Department. The transformer being a key element in Industries, Housing Complexes, Hospitals, Services, etc. we point out the need to keep it running at its best.

Consequently, we introduce our Customer Service Department, in charge of the following tasks: assembly of medium and high voltage transformers, supervision of the transformer commissioning and preventive maintenance.

Our services include, for instance, infrared thermography, oil analysis and supplementary testing on site, to enable the detection of possible emerging failures. Besides, we offer an optimization study on the transformer stations, including load flow, transient and long-term stability assessment.

About Us

Vasile & Cía. S.A.C.I., which was founded in 1945, is a company solely devoted to manufacturing electrical transformers. To that purpose, we have a modern industrial plant of over 16.000 square metres in Pilar District, Province of Buenos Aires and business offices in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our products are designed and manufactured by an outstanding professional team and their quality is guaranteed by an almost 80-year business and industrial experience in the field of Electrical Transformers.