Transformers for Renewable Energy



VASILE & Cía. S.A.C.I. produces transformers that are especially designed for the production of renewable energy, adjusting to the specific features of each project, with a clear concept of environment care in mind.  To this purpose, we agree with our customers on using biodegradable vegetable oils.

We have a full range of transformers designed for wind generator or solar pannels output as well as step-up transformers to connect to 33 kV, 132 kV and 220 kV nodes.

Manufacturing Standards

Manufactured and tested in accordance with IRAM and IEC 76 standards.

They are also built according to individual technical specifications.

About Us

Vasile & Cía. S.A.C.I., which was founded in 1945, is a company solely devoted to manufacturing electrical transformers. To that purpose, we have a modern industrial plant of over 16.000 square metres in Pilar District, Province of Buenos Aires and business offices in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our products are designed and manufactured by an outstanding professional team and their quality is guaranteed by an almost 80-year business and industrial experience in the field of Electrical Transformers.